A railway took passengers "into a world of enchantment" with a magic train.

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway (CWR) transported people to a magical world on its "Magic Express" earlier this month.

Magician Simon, who has delighted passengers in the past via his unique form of entertainment, toured the train's carriages and performed "close magic".

Event co-ordinator Jonathan Dart said: “It was a remarkable experience standing on the platform when the train arrived; the overwhelming majority of people leaving it had smiles on their faces.

"That isn’t something you can say of many trains"

CWR said those most captivated by the enchanting magic show included young passengers like Emily and Ronan, who left the experience grinning and eager to recount their favourite tricks.

On Sunday, Singer Fiona Harrison performed for the military vehicles weekend. The vintage and retro singer is gearing up for her appearance at the 80th-anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

And for those who wished to enjoy a calm pint, LoveBeer brewery operated The ale train for the first time on Saturday at Cholsey. It was the first ale train by a local brewery to run on CWR.

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway is an entirely volunteer-run heritage railway.

The railway primarily relies on membership fees, ticket sales, and catering income to cover its day-to-day operating expenses. It depends on donations, fundraising, grants, and legacies to support the development of new facilities, enhance attractions, and undertake essential restoration projects for locomotives and rolling stock.