Anglers netted some of the biggest specimens there are in the lakes at a Witney fishery this weekend.

Emma Rimmer landed her new personal best landing a 41lb 12oz carp at Gaunts Lake.

It was Ms Rimmer's first 40lb carp and she had no idea how big it was until she looked in the net.

Ben Oakes had a 'red letter session' on Manor Farm lake.

He landed 30 carp with a combined weight of over 800lb which included five carp weighing between 38lb and 44lb.

And on Brasenose Two lake Simon Lee set a new lake record common at 44lb 10oz.

Meanwhile, Gary Paul took advantage of a night fishing session to take photographs of the Northern Lights above St John's Lake.

All the fish were landed at Linear Fisheries off the B4449, near Hardwick Village, in Witney.