A quick-thinking Oxfordshire business owner has been praised for quickly bringing a catering van fire under control. 

A crew from Thame Fire Station alongside firefighters from BFRS Aylesbury Fire Station responded to the van fire just before 10am on May 10. 

An Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said a customer had alerted the owner to the fire at the front of a large gas hot plate. 

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"The owner correctly applied a fire blanket to the hot plate, turned off the gas, and then disconnected the cylinder," the spokesperson said.

"He then used a dry powder extinguisher to extinguish the remaining flames.

"By having the correct firefighting equipment available and good knowledge of how to use it, the damage was kept to a minimum and there were no injuries.

"Having the right firefighting equipment and understanding how to use it undoubtedly prevented the fire from causing more damage."

On arrival, fire crews were able to check the catering equipment using a thermal imaging camera and applied water to cool the affected area. 

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