There are plans to introduce new "traditional" homes to an Oxfordshire village in the hope they will blend in with other "low key" rural dwellings in the area.

Applicant PL Homes Ltd has submitted their proposal to build five houses south of 'The Paddocks' in East Hanney near the Oxfordshire town of Wantage.

The village is said to be "characterised by a broad range of architectural styles" with "semi-rural residential properties on modest plots with off street parking".

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A planning paper says: "The overall form of the dwellings takes cues from local examples of relatively low key rural dwellings.

Oxford Mail: East Hanney.East Hanney. (Image: Google Maps.)

"The proposal reinforces local distinctiveness, helping to assimilate the new development into the wider environment and echoing the typical forms within the village and similar developments adjoining the site and further north along the A338.

"The proposed dwellings have traditional forms. The treatment of the units borrows from the palette of elements and materials in the locality."

If approved, walls for the houses will be constructed from a red or orange multi facing brick with either red or orange or charcoal grey tile or slate for the roof.

Car parking surfaces will be "smooth and even" and three of the houses are to be detached, with the other two semi-detached.

Consultation for the application will end on May 15 and the target decision date for the proposal stands at June 17.