An environmental charity based in Little Wittenham has said it is "delighted" to welcome its second artist in residence.

Nicola Fielding, who works predominantly with clay, will hold a creative residency for three months at Earth Trust.

From her on-site studio, she will use natural materials sourced from Earth Trust’s green spaces, farm and visitor centre.

Oxford Mail: Nicola Fielding's artworkNicola Fielding's artwork (Image: Earth Trust)

The aim of her artwork is to forge connection between individuals and the land.

Amy Rowland, public programming manager at Earth Trust, said: "We’re delighted to have Nicola joins us as our second artist in residence."

"Her proposal to engage audiences directly with the surprising properties of the landscape aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire people to explore, appreciate, and take action for nature."

At the end of the residency, Ms Fielding will create a collaborative legacy artwork - a handmade mosaic depicting a map of the Earth Trust site.

The work will aim to highlight the significance of the green space for species of concern, as well as the unique topography of the land.

Oxford Mail: Nicola Fielding's artworkNicola Fielding's artwork (Image: Earth Trust)

Ms Fielding said: "The clay found in the local soil is a potential stoneware, a resource that can be worked with and kiln fired after a simple sieving process.

“I was inspired to learn about the Roman history of the site through Earth Trust’s recent archaeological digs, particularly the evidence of a house with a mosaic floor.

"Creating my own mosaic using clay from the site allows my legacy artwork to follow in the footsteps of the past, while celebrating the biodiversity of the present landscape.”

Along with her mosaic, she plans to develop a collection of drawings spotlighting the diverse wildlife supported by the area.

She will create a catalogue of the threatened species recorded in the area and underscore the importance of Earth Trust green spaces.

Oxford Mail: Nicola Fielding's artworkNicola Fielding's artwork (Image: Earth Trust)

Families have been invited to take part in hands-on workshops designed to stir up creativity.

In these workshops, children will have an opportunity to create small ceramic sculptures using clay, which will be displayed in the final exhibition.

The first workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 29, during spring half term, with sessions taking place throughout the day suitable for primary pupils and children with special educational needs.

Ms Fielding added: "I can't wait to get my hands into the Earth Trust soil and start creating.

"I hope my work will inspire others to look at the landscape with fresh eyes and appreciate the wonders right beneath our feet."

For more information about Ms Fielding's residency, visit the Earth Trust website.