An Oxford-based author is set to release her debut novel, a tale based on the true story of a female artist during Russia's turbulent revolutionary period.

Ina Christova's novel 'The Fabergé Girl' chronicles the journey of Alma Pihl, a young woman who dreams of designing for the House of Fabergé, the iconic jewellery manufacturer in St Petersburg.

Set in the city in 1909, 17-year-old Alma aspires to work with the skilled craftsmen at the renowned manufacturer.

Despite numerous obstacles, including a domineering brother and the threat of being accused of witchcraft for her designs, Alma rises to prominence with the aid of Finnish artisan, Knut.

Her talent does not go unnoticed, and she eventually earns a place in the House of Fabergé, catching the attention of Carl Fabergé himself.

As Alma's creations garner widespread acclaim, however, the simmering revolution draws nearer, forcing her to consider what she truly values.

The ensuing challenges and dilemmas create a narrative which explores the survival of love, art, and beauty amid hatred and violence.

Ms Christova said: "I grew up with stories about Fabergé eggs, and the history and folklore of the region.

"But whilst Carl Fabergé was, of course, an impressive and eccentric figure in his own right, I really wanted to shine a light on an incredible woman who achieved so much more than many women did at the time."

Ms Christova will be at Blackwell's in Oxford on June 24 to talk about her new book.

Her debut novel has also drawn high praise from fellow authors.

Clare Whitfield, the author of 'People of Abandoned Character', described it as "a spellbinding exploration of familial expectations, artistic fervour, and the mysterious ties that bind us across generations".

Meanwhile, Awais Khan, author of 'No Honour', said: "Rich, immersive and utterly transporting, The Faberge Girl is a beautifully crafted novel about nostalgia and longing, magic and mystery and the importance of love. It was impossible for me to put it down."

Ms Christova is a Bulgarian writer who splits her time between London and Oxford.

She completed an MA in English and German literature where she was the recipient of the Eleanor Boyle and Kathleen Major prizes for her writing.

Her work has been longlisted for the Blue Pencil First Novel Awards and it won this year’s Novel London Literary Competition.

The first draft of The Fabergé Girl was completed on the selective Curtis Brown Creative Course in London.

The Fabergé Girl will be available in hardback for £10.00 from May 16.