An Oxfordshire sixth former showcased his best pilot voice to Greg James on national radio.

Olly is a Year 13 student at The Bicester School and recently applied to the British Airways pilot scheme having wanted to be a pilot since the age of seven.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday morning, the 18-year-old was tasked by presenter Greg James to do his best piolet voice impression.

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome aboard this British Airways flight BA447 taking you back to London Heathrow,” said Olly in his pilot voice.

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“My Name is Oliver and I will be your first officer. Alongside me in the flight deck is your captain Greg James.

“Once we get underway we will be cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet with a flight time of two hours and 20 minutes back to London.

“We are expecting a fairly smooth flight as you can see it has been clear all day here in Malaga.

“For now please sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable as we work towards getting ready for our departure.

“Thank you once again for your patience and thank you for choosing to fly with British Airways.”

Oxford Mail: Greg James was presenting BBC Radio 1 on Thursday morning.Greg James was presenting BBC Radio 1 on Thursday morning. (Image: PA)

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Olly was applauded by the Radio 1 team after finishing the inflight announcement.

“Fantastic,” said Greg.

“You forgot to mention the cabin crew and you could afford to be more stumbly with some laid-back pauses.

“By the way, that was brilliant. I look forward to being on a flight with you in the future.”