A comedy show which enjoyed success at the Edinburgh Fringe is coming to Didcot.

Following sold-out performances at the Edinburgh Festival and shows across North America, award-winning parody show Six Chick Flicks started touring the UK on April 6 and will be at the Cornerstone Arts Centre May 4.

It offers a twist on beloved chick flicks such as Titanic, Pretty Woman, and Dirty Dancing, performed by Kerry Ipema and KK Apple.

The films' most iconic scenes are brought to life through montages, dance breaks, original songs and improvisations.

The production has been awarded accolades including Patrons Picks at both Orlando and Toronto Fringe in 2022, among others.

Six Chick Flicks is scripted by Kerry Ipema, KK Apple, and TJ Dawe, who joined forces after successful performances of their parody show One Woman Sex and the City.

Ms Ipema is an actor, writer, and podcaster based in New York City, who produces the podcast Truly Darkly Creeply.

Her co-star, Ms Apple, is a writer, comedian, and filmmaker who was responsible for the short film The Launch that premiered at the 2023 Seattle International Film Festival.

Mr Dawe, known for creating stage parodies of popular films like Star Wars and Stranger Things, has collaborated with the likes of Richard Dreyfuss and Scott Dikkers, the founding editor of The Onion.