A second Harry Potter shop has opened in Cornmarket in Oxford.

Wizard's Emporium has opened next to McDonald's but it is not the first Harry Potter store in the street.

House of Wonders opened at the other end of the street in 2020, with the store replacing French beauty products chain L’Occitane, which is now in George Street.

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In 2019 Sally and Donna Moss opened Harry Potter memorabilia store The Shop of Secrets in Broad Street and it is now part of Oxford Campus Stores, while Watsons also stocks some merchandise inspired by the JK Rowling bestsellers.

Oxford Mail: Inside Wizard's EmporiumWhile Broad Street started out as the city's very own Diagon Alley, it looks like the focus has now switched to Cornmarket, as it now has two bespoke stores.

Manager of Wizard's Emporium Miqdad, who has not disclosed his surname, said the new store was busy.

Now living in Marston, Miqdad grew up in Dubai and his family has helped to fund the new venture in the former phone shop.

"It's going very well - there's lots of footfall and we are very busy," he said.

"All the products we sell are Harry Potter licensed products - perhaps 80 per cent of what we sell is bought by tourists."

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While a Harry Potter wand in House of Wonders costs £35, you can pick one up in Wizard's Emporium for £29.99.

Oxford Mail: House of Wonders in OxfordBut Miqdad said this was not a deliberate attempt to undercut the opposition.

He added: "I haven't been in to House of Wonders and there's no rivalry - there is room for both of us in Cornmarket - Harry Potter is still very popular."

Some items in Wizard's Emporium are not cheap - a Gryffindor tankard will set you back about £70.

Oxford has some strong Harry Potter connections - it is packed with inspirations from the films, including the Bodleian Library (Hogwarts Infirmary) and the Dining Hall at Christ Church (the model for Hogwarts Great Hall.)

Oxford Mail: Emma WatsonAnd Emma Watson, who played Hermione Grainger in the movies of the Harry Potter books went to Headington School, where an exhibition space is named after her.