A North Oxford primary school has been told it might be judged outstanding if it were to receive a full inspection from Ofsted.

Wolvercote Primary is a “joyful and vibrant” school where “children achieve exceptionally well”, according to a report released this week by the national education standards body.

The report was published after Ofsted carried out an ungraded inspection of the school in First Turn before Easter.

An ungraded inspection only allows an Ofsted rating to be changed in the event of serious failings being identified.

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Wolvercote, which was rated Good by Ofsted at its last inspection in 2018, was praised for its “unapologetic high expectations”.

But inspectors also noted a culture of inclusion that meant all children flourished.

Their report said: “The school is, rightly, determined to remove barriers to learning. This means that where pupils have lower starting points, they catch up and achieve very well. 

“Pupils who are disadvantaged, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), thrive here because of the high-quality support that they receive.

“Staff love working here because of the inclusive ethos through which everyone knows that they are valued.

“Pupils achieve very highly across the curriculum. Pupils know that they have excellent teaching here, and they want to make the most of every opportunity.”

Headteacher Mandy Hook said: “We are delighted that our commitment to inclusion has been recognised, along with the excellent behaviour of the pupils and the nurturing, safe environment.

“I was also particularly pleased with the praise that my fantastic staff received. They deserve all the warm words.”

Wolvercote is part of River Learning Trust (RLT), a multi-academy trust of 28 schools across Oxfordshire and Swindon.

RLT chief executive Paul James said: “This is a fantastic achievement by Mandy and her team.

“She has rightly chosen to highlight the inclusive culture of the school, the excellence of the teaching and the behaviour of the pupils.

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“But the fantastic report would not have been possible if, as recognised by the inspectors, the school were not ‘led by determined, supportive and highly knowledgeable staff’.”

In 2016 four new spacious classrooms along with music facilities and a library opened at the school to help alleviate a school places problem.

The popular school had been turning pupils away as it had been over-subscribed for a number of years.

At the time staff said it was a wider school problem not just in Wolvercote due to more pressure being put on school places by the amount of development taking place in the area.