A JAIL sentence has been handed to a man who attacked a pregnant woman in Wantage.

Charles Morrice, 23, of Simmonds Walk, Wantage, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday (April 16) after pleading guilty to one count each of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and coercive and controlling behaviour.

The court heard that on December 17 last year, the victim, a pregnant woman in her late teens, and Morrice were having a disagreement when he became angry and threw a plate at her.

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The following morning, Morrice’s anger had not subsided and during a conversation, he grabbed the victim by the shoulders and shook her.

He then pushed the victim against the wall, ripped her clothing, bit her, kicked her and repeatedly hit her in the face, causing her head to ache as well as bruising.

Morrice was stopped by a third party, who had arrived at the address but, after they left, his assault against the victim continued and escalated.

The defendant was furious that the victim had not comforted him by hugging him or telling him it was okay so he threw a bottle in her direction.

He expected the victim to reassure him about their relationship even after assaulting her.

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After throwing the bottle, he assaulted her again, pushing her into furniture, causing her to hit her head, and striking her in the face. He bit her again, ignoring her cries of pain or when she told him she was scared.

The victim tried to run away, despite not being fully clothed and without a mobile phone, but Morrice followed her and she returned with him to the property.

He had smashed her phone on the floor and continued to hit her to the head. He also hit her with a crochet hook, causing lash marks to her back, and he continued to punch, slap and bite her.

Morrice told her it was crazy how she looked and asked if the baby was alive. While the victim tended to her injuries, Morrice played the guitar.

He made a further comment that he did not want to wake up to a dead woman in the morning.

The next day, the victim told Morrice that she needed to go to hospital as she was scared she was going to die. Morrice’s response was: “I could always do more.”

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The victim managed to leave and seek help. 

Morrice told the victim that it was her actions that caused him to act in this way.

He has also been issued an indefinite restraining order against the victim.