Plans to build a "concrete monstrosity" bridge were passed by one vote as security was called and objectors shouted 'shame on you'.

Oxford city councillors made the decision at a 'special' planning review meeting yesterday (April 18) to allow for construction of the new Oxpens River Bridge which will link Osney Mead to Oxpens, the site of a new Oxford quarter.

Oxford Mail: Protesters gathered outside before the meeting.Protesters gathered outside before the meeting. (Image: Contribution.)

The bridge had previously been given the green light at a planning meeting in March where some questioned the need for an additional one at the Grandpont Nature Reserve when there was already a bridge "two-minutes away" and suggested it would "trash" the local habitat.

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Security was called once again at yesterday's planning review meeting as objector Dan Glazebrook questioned claims made by councillors from the public gallery.

Oxford Mail: Security were called to escort Dan Glazebrook (pictured) out of the room.Security were called to escort Dan Glazebrook (pictured) out of the room. (Image: Noor Qurashi)

Calls of "lies" and "shame" followed earlier comments that acoustics in the room were "appalling".

Mr Glazebrook said during his designated speaking time: "We believe it would be unlawful to grant planning permission to this bridge today.

"The ecological destruction entailed would fundamentally alter the character of the nature park."

Those speaking out against the application insisted it needed an environmental impact assessment due to not being a "stand alone" development, despite the council having screened opinion and determined this was not necessary.

Oxford Mail: CGI of the bridge which will link Osney Mead to Oxpens.CGI of the bridge which will link Osney Mead to Oxpens. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council)

The objectors claimed going forward with the application without one would be "illegal".

But city council officers said the proper screening had been done and that such 'legal' matters should not be of relevance to the committee.

Louise Upton, who is cabinet member for planning on the city council, spoke as a registered speaker in favour of the application.

Ms Upton said: "It is a rather elegant and simple bridge.

Oxford Mail: Marked trees.Marked trees. (Image: Contribution.)

"If we want to get people to use active travel we need to make it easy, safe and attractive.

"We need people to be able to get from Osney to Oxpens.

"This only touches about one per cent of the Grandpont Nature Reserve."

But Cowley ward councillor Amar Latif said: "It seems to me this is a concrete monstrosity in among those nice green pictures."

Five councillors voted in favour of the application and four against meaning it was approved.

Speaking after the meeting, a spokesman for the Save Grandpont Nature Park group said: "As expected, the planning review committee last night upheld the previous month’s decision to grant planning permission for the bridge.

Oxford Mail: For the chop.For the chop. (Image: Contribution.)

"It was a much closer margin (5-4) than we had expected. The governing minority Labour Council have clearly been rattled by the opposition to their foolish bridge."