Police have increased patrols outside a supermarket in an Oxfordshire town following a shoplifting arrest.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting sparking ing extra patrols outside of tthe Asda store in Didcot on Greenwood Way,

Thames Valley Police say the patrols are to “deter” shoplifters from hitting the supermarket and to “reassure” local shops and the public.

Last year, ASDA chairman claimed shoplifting had been “decriminalised” as police don't see it as a crime anymore.

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In a public social media post, a police spokesperson said:” Following the arrest of a male shoplifting yesterday, Didcot and Wallingford neighbourhood policing team have increased patrols in order to help deter offenders and reassure not only the local stores but the public as well.”

Shoplifting is the term used to describe theft from a shop by taking something without paying for it. It is an offence under the Theft Act 1968.

Security guards are allowed to use “reasonable” force to detain shoplifters under the Criminal Law Act 1967.

A shoplifting conviction will result in a criminal record and a sentence. A police caution may be given as an alternative to prosecution. If accepted, this caution still comes with a criminal record.

Security guards are allowed to use “reasonable” force to detain shoplifters under the Criminal Law Act 1967.

If the goods are worth less than £200, the maximum sentence is six months’ custody while if the goods are worth more than £200, the maximum sentence is seven years’ custody.