Motor enthusiasts looking for a day out this summer may find what they are looking for at a Bicester venue.

Bicester Heritage, founded in 2013, is a popular spot for visitors interested in vintage and future classic cars.

Set on a sprawling 444-acre area of land that used to be an RAF base, the site provides ample room for various car communities to congregate, show off their prized vehicles, and share in their mutual love for automotive machinery.

Additionally, the site's rich military history provides a unique touch, with many vintage car owners proudly parading their vehicles next to their modern counterparts.

Oxford Mail: Bicester Heritage’s motoring festivalBicester Heritage’s motoring festival (Image: Bicester Heritage)

Over the years, the venue has hosted a myriad of different car shows, with 2024 set to continue this trend.

This year, visitors can look forward to a number of events including Rollhard, a modified car show, The Euros assembly showcasing classic European cars, the gathering of Tesla owners UK, and the PistonHead Annual Service, a car show with a wide variety of vehicles.

Other popular spots for car aficionados include Caffeine and Machine, Ace Cafe located in North London, which has been in operation since 1938 and is frequented by both cars and motorcycles enthusiasts, Baffle Haus and The Motorist, near Leeds.

The Ace Cafe was started as a roadside cafe, but after being destroyed in the Second World War, it was rebuilt and in 1949 was reopened as the Ace and The Heydays Cafe.

Oxford Mail: October 2023 Bicester Heritage ScrambleOctober 2023 Bicester Heritage Scramble (Image: Jack Phillips)

In 1969, the cafe closed its doors due to the expansion of the motorway network and changes in social orders meant the cafe was no more.

However, in 1997, planning permission was accepted to re-open the cafe and the Ace Cafe made a return.

Caffeine and Machine is rapidly earning a reputation among the motoring community, with its meetups gaining traction on social media.

Originally based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the event now has venues across the country due to its success.

Since March, it has set up a location in Petersfield in Hampshire also known as ‘The Hut’, following on from a second location in Bedfordshire, called ‘The Bowl’.

Baffle Haus, located near Abergavenny in South Wales, has risen as a top choice for motorcycle meetups.

It is known for its location near remarkable driving and riding routes and is an open invitation to all.

The Motorist offers a one-stop-shop to motoring enthusiasts, boasting a cafe, restaurant, and its own body shop.

Open seven days a week, it is a popular spot where numerous car shows are held annually, including Honda day UK.