The hotly anticipated third season of Clarkson’s Farm lands in just a week and promises a blizzard of schemes, freakish weather and a continuing battle with West Oxfordshire District Council.

Series 3 continues to follow Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to make his Diddly Squat Farm  near Chipping Norton profitable - and it's no less chaotic.

After the triumphant finale of Season 2, where Jeremy and the gang managed to open their restaurant against all the odds, we return to Diddly Squat to find that everything has come crashing down.

The council has served a closure notice on the restaurant and now has its sights set on the farm shop and its car park.

Oxford Mail: Clarkson's Farm Series 3, Prime Video, Ellis O'Brien.                                         .

This in turn means most of Jeremy’s beloved cow herd must go.

And on to add to the pain the freakish weather is ruining the crops, with Cheerful Charlie warning of crippling costs and poor yields.

Desperate to find new income streams, Jeremy decides to “farm the unfarmed” – to try and make money from the 500 acres of hedgerows and woodland where no crops are grown.

This ignites a blizzard of schemes that he hopes will generate cash and like some frenzied Apprentice candidate, Jeremy bounces between pig farming, jam making, goat herding, deer hunting and mushroom growing.

These ventures vary between success and total failure as along the way he learns how to raise pigs and fight off marauding goats, whilst at the same time coping with a mushroom epidemic that threatens to engulf him.

Meanwhile Kaleb, now promoted to farm manager and in charge of the fields, is not only in competition with Jeremy to see who can make the most money, but he must also deal with an unwelcome rival who has a new way of growing crops.

Oxford Mail: Clarkson's Farm Series 3, Prime Video, Ellis O'Brien.                                         .

However he still finds time with Charlie to accept an invitation to Downing St, where he dispenses some Kaleb wisdom.

Elsewhere Charlie is leading the Battle of the Red Tape against the council, as he tries to save the farm shop from closure, the place where Lisa must deal with the fruits of Jeremy’s hare brained schemes.

Amongst all the joyful and calamitous moments though, there is genuine heartbreak as we see Jeremy and Lisa unable to cope with some of the animal deaths.

Without a doubt this season contains the saddest moments ever seen on Diddly Squat, all of them part of the tapestry of life on a farm.

Clarkson's Farm series 3 launches globally on Prime Video on May 3 2024.