THREE men have been sentenced for a string of attempted burglaries across Oxfordshire.

Johnny Cash, 23, Anthony Doran, 20, and Michael Ward, 21, were all charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit burglary and the theft of a 4x4 vehicle – namely a Polaris Ranger.

A jury heard at Oxford Crown Court, that a string of properties across West Oxfordshire had been targeted for vehicle thefts on April 25, 2019. Homes were targeted in Chipping Norton and Brize Norton.

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The Prosecution told the jury that it was not an ‘amateur operation’ and that the defendants were ‘forensically aware’.

They hid their identities and wore gloves to avoid leaving DNA.

Some properties were broken into using screwdrivers while others had the patio doors smashed.

The prosecution said the offenders were targeting vehicles but a lot of other items were taken such as cash and handbags.

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At the same court last week, the trio were sentenced. However, only Ward, of Balham Grove, Wandsworth, was present in the dock at court while the other two men, Cash, of Crown Meadow, Slough, and Doran, of Green Lane, Sutton, are believed to have absconded jurisdiction.

Ward was handed a two-year prison sentence.

Cash was handed a three-year prison sentence and Doran was handed a two-year sentence.

Cash and Doran were sentenced in absence and warrants are still out for their arrest.