A FORMER tennis coach has been jailed after being caught for a second time looking at child sex abuse images.

David Smith, of Evenload Close, Grove, was first in court in June 2021 after police found more than 1,000 child sex abuse images, including 149 in the most serious category showing the rape of children aged five to 16.

The 71-year-old was handed a 10-month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, and made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for 10 years.

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However, the retired coach, who used to teach schoolchildren, was back in Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday (April 16) for three breaches of the court order.

He was caught using an unregistered Twitter account to download more child pornography images.

Sentencing him to 28 months imprisonment, Judge Michael Gledhill said: “You’re an intelligent man, a capable man, a man with a history of working hard, a family man, and yet you’ve committed these offences that warranted a custodial sentence.

“I accept that you did everything that you could to understand why you have committed these offences, why you were interested in looking at filthy pictures of children.

“The fact of the matter is those interventions have failed.”

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Opening the case, prosecutor Christopher Pembridge explained the three breaches were Smith using chatrooms, having an undisclosed Twitter account and an undisclosed email account.

It was heard that on September 15, 2022, the Esafe software installed on Smith’s phone alerted police to the defendant using Twitter to access indecent images.

He was arrested and his laptop was seized where officers discovered four Category C images of children aged seven to 11.

They also discovered the use of chatrooms, which Smith accepted he was using to access pornography under the username ‘DavidCoaching’, as well as the Twitter account ‘@NiceGuy’.

It is believed that three undisclosed email addresses were also found but Mr Pembridge noted that only have the data for one being actually used.

Defending Smith, his barrister explained his client was ‘remorseful’ for his actions.

It was noted he had completed the ‘Map to Change’ programme since his previous sentence and had been working with Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a child protection charity that works to stop child sexual abuse.

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However, it was noted that the efforts made by the programme may have ‘waned slightly’ leading to Smith’s reoffending.

“He was looking for adult pornography, it has been a crutch that he has relied on in times of stress,” his barrister said.

“He returned to the crutch that has perhaps been ever present in his life.”