Hosts of Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec were forced to apologise to viewers at home after a swear word blunder. 

The last episode of the series saw a special edition of 'Ring My Bell' seeing three viewers in the audience door bells becoming the way to win money. 

The three chosen doorbells were in Nottingham, Stevenage and Gateshead with the first viewer at home to spot the doorbell and say 'Ring My Bell' win £500 for themselves and the person who owns the doorbell. 

Stevenage won the first round, but for a final special, Ant and Dec announced that a special second round would be held for a chance to win a 'Takeaway getaway'.

Each of the viewers playing had to get a hat, blanket and a wheelie bin and press the doorbell to win. 

Taking on the challenge each ran to grab their items with Nottingham returning first, however, he forgot to press the doorbell.

Ant and Dec quickly told the player to press the bell seeing an usher 'S**T' mentioned shocking the hosts. 

The duo were quick to apologise for the sweary mishap and the player was still able to win the game. 

Why is ITV's Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway ending?

Speaking in an interview with Flaunt magazine, Ant discussed what was next for the pair and why they would be taking a break from Saturday Night Takeaway:

“A lot, we do the show and then Britain's Got Talent, but on a more personal level, part of the reason we're pausing Takeaway is we need a break ourselves, and we need to spend some time with our family. We've both got children that we need to spend time with for a little bit."

The ITV star added that they have “lots of ideas” and opportunities on offer but they would like to decide what to do “next” and when “the next chapter begins”.

Adding: “So that's what we're gonna do when Saturday Night Takeaway is out of the way.”