Over 53 tonnes of aid have been dropped into Gaza by an aircraft and crew based at RAF Brize Norton.

The RAF Atlas and crew also took part in a  large-scale international aid airdrop to coincide with Eid, marking the end of Ramadan.

Led by the Jordanian Armed Forces, the international operation saw nine nations and 14 aircraft drop hundreds of tonnes of essential aid.

It was the largest airdrop of aid into Gaza in a single day and the culmination of careful planning to ensure the complex mission could be conducted safely and effectively.  

The Atlas flew from Amman, Jordan, to deliver over 10 tonnes of supplies, including ready-to-eat meals, water and rice, along the northern coastline of Gaza.

The Atlas and crew are based at RAF Brize Norton with both RAF and British Army personnel supporting the operation in Jordan. 

Over the last two weeks they have dropped over 53 tonnes of aid on six flights.