Cleaning Up has become one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix in the UK in the last week, but the drama is not an original of the streaming service.

Starring Sheridan Smith, the drama originally aired on ITV back in 2019 but five years later it has seen a resurgence in popularity after coming onto Netflix.

In fact, it was the most-watched show on the platform in the last week, briefly overtaking The Gentlemen which had been in the number-one spot for many weeks.

It follows a single mother called Sam Cook (Smith) who works as a cleaner in the offices of the financial company Kramer Lowe.

She's facing a number of issues including having a gambling addiction, being in debt and facing a battle with her ex-husband to get full custody of their two daughters.

After overhearing a stockbroker who is being blackmailed into insider trading, she decides to get involved to try and turn her life around.

Cleaning Up full cast list

  • Sheridan Smith as Sam Cook
  • Jade Anouka as Jess
  • Matthew McNulty as Dave
  • Ben Bailey Smith as Blake 
  • Robert Emms as Glynn

  • Branka Katic as Mina
  • Rosie Cavaliero as Frances
  • Kristy Philipps as Alice
  • Anya McKenna Bruce as Lily
  • Neil Maskell as Warren
  • Lloyd Owen as Swanny
  • Con O'Neill as Graham
  • Clare Higgins as Mary
  • Naomi Ackie as Beth
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Jake
  • Theo Barklem-Biggs as Chris
  • Uriel Emil as Viktor

Where to watch Cleaning Up?

All six episodes are available to watch on Netflix right now in the UK.

Cleaning Up creator talks about inspiration for show

The writer for Cleaning Up, Mark Marlow, was inspired by a moment from a classic 1980s film on illicit trading.

Speaking to Digital Spy he said: "I was searching for an idea and I was lying on the sofa one day where I was watching Wall Street with my wife Holly and there was a scene where Charlie Sheen has been given the task of finding some inside information by Gordon Gekko.

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"And, in this scene, he breaks into an office, he rifles through a filing cabinet, he finds some inside information.

"I just happened to notice in the background there was some cleaners. And I just instantly thought, 'If they work in that office, surrounded by inside information, why couldn't they just do that?'"

Sheridan Smith also revealed that she did work with real cleaners as preparation for her acting on the show.

She explained: "We had lessons! So, no I'm not really [a pro]. I'm a bit better because it's dab instead of wipe."