Jeremy Clarkson believes everything has gone wrong that could have on his Oxfordshire farm. 

The former Top Gear host has been the star of Prime Video’s hit show Clarkson’s Farm since its release in 2020.

Now into its third season, the series set at Diddle Squat Farm near Chipping Norton has taken another turn with some frank admissions from Mr Clarkson.

Speaking to The Times, the Who Wants To be a Millionaire host revealed that it was not all plain sailing since taking over the farm.

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“Behind the scenes, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” said Mr Clarkson.

One particular problem that the Grand Tour star has had is with his pigs which are a rare Oxfordshire breed called Sandy and Black.

It transpires that there was a high mortality rate among the piglets from Mr Clarkson’s first litter with some of the young animals accidentally crushed by their mothers.

This awful incident upset the 63-year-old’s partner Lisa Hogan greatly with the whole crew “shellshocked” after the incident.

“I reckoned the pigs would provide something that’s sadly lacking in farming today: a bit of genuine happiness,” he said.

“Instead, it was almost unbelievably sad. I’ve never seen Lisa so upset. The film crew looked shellshocked.

“We had a catastrophically high level of deaths and I was desperately worried we were doing something wrong, but it turned out we weren’t, it was just that pigs are bad mothers — the Sandy and Black particularly so. That’s why it’s a rare breed.”