An Oxfordshire-based animal charity has issued an urgent appeal to help save the "vital work" they do after "our landlord gave us notice to leave by October 2024".

Today, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue (OWR) posted a picture of 10 ducklings they had found 'alone and lost' as an example of the important work they do.

"We now have 10 ducklings in care due to being found alone and lost," the post said.

"Without their mums, they would sadly perish, and whilst we always prefer that they stay with mum, it wasn't to be, so intervention was, unfortunately, the only option for these youngsters to stand a fighting chance.

"All are healthy, safe and are now enjoying the endless supply of food, water and warmth at our casualty centre.

"The link below is for our online fundraiser to purchase our forever home. We have until October this year to secure our rescue a permanent site. If you can help us, all of us here would be extremely grateful.


The duckling's story bowled over users in the comments and even prompted some to go and donate.

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue told us: "So, a group of 10 ducklings was found individually from separate locations. We have formed them as a group here at the centre. Lone ducklings should always be rescued, as they simply will not survive on their own.

"OWR rescues multiple broods of ducklings each year, we release them once they can swim/ waterproof and can feed/ fend for themselves. In 2022, OWR rescued and successfully released over 400 ducklings back into the wild, which was the busiest year for ducklings in the charity's history."

The GoFundMe page explains how the charity will "cease to exist" if they do not find premises before their tenancy is up.

Since 2017, the charity has "grown exponentially" and now takes in around 3000 animals each year from across Oxfordshire and most of Berkshire.

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"To secure the future of OWR and the future of our local wildlife, we need to buy our own land," the GoFundMe description reads.

"If we cannot do that then charity will no longer be able to help not just our amazing but threatened wildlife, but the thousands of members of the public who turn to us for help or advice when they find an animal in need. With nowhere to operate from, we will probably have to shut down.

"Land is not cheap, especially in the area over which we operate. Please, will you make an urgent donation today to help us purchase land and relocate?

"We know times are hard for everyone right now, but if you’re able, please help us find our forever home and save the Rescue.

"And if you’re unable to donate, please share our campaign far and wide - tell your colleagues and friends and family, share this campaign on social media, or even hold your own fundraising events – every penny will help."