A video has been launched to raise awareness of an initiative supporting Oxfordshire food producers.

Oxford-based non-profit Good Food Oxfordshire's campaign, known as OxFarmToFork, aims to bolster the county's economy, help food producers, combat climate change, and reduce carbon footprints by involving more entities in the programme.

Triggered by recent widespread farmer protests in Westminster over perceived governmental neglect of UK food production and trade deals which will "decimate British food", the need for agricultural backing has never been more crucial, says Good Food Oxfordshire.

Oxford Mail: Ben GibbonsBen Gibbons (Image: Good Food Oxfordshire/Stone Barrell)

Head chef at St Anne’s College and Master of the City of Oxford Guild of Chefs, Ben Gibbons, who appears in the video, said: "OxFarmToFork make it so much easier for chefs to purchase local produce.

"We're involved with OxFarmToFork because at St Anne's College we want to make sure that we're providing the best possible food with the lowest impact to the climate."

The video also features producer and supplier George Bennett of Sandy Lane Farm, whose veg boxes and organic approach are popular with many Oxfordshire residents.

He noted the programme's contribution towards a more interconnected economy.

Oxford Mail: George Bennett George Bennett (Image: Good Food Oxfordshire/Stone Barrell)

Mr Bennett said: "I'd say the OxFarmToFork project is really about connections.

"There are plenty of growers out there looking for outlets. There's plenty of buyers looking to buy local produce.

"And the challenge has always been how do you make those connections and put things together?

"And that's exactly what this project is great at doing."

To date, 18 of the University of Oxford’s 43 colleges are participating in OxFarmToFork, aiding 10 producers.

Through the project, Good Food Oxfordshire forges partnerships with agroecological farmers – those who utilise nature in the growth process to counteract climate change.

With the release of the new video, Jess Kopp, Good Food Oxfordshire’s network and communications lead, is optimistic of recruiting more Oxfordshire colleges and institutions into the OxFarmToFork fold.

Ms Kopp said: "We have an amazing array of growers and producers here in Oxfordshire, supplying high-quality, sustainable, ethical produce.

"OxFarmToFork exists to make sure more of that produce gets used by local institutions like Oxfordshire Colleges, schools and hospitals, that are feeding thousands of people every day.

"It’s a win-win situation.

"Oxfordshire institutions get to reduce their supply chains, support local suppliers, create a more secure food system for Oxfordshire, and provide their customers with the best-quality food – all while investing in the local economy."

Good Food Oxfordshire is a network of organisations working towards a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system for Oxfordshire.