Buying Instagram comments and likes can help you to raise your engagement rate and start seeing organic growth. Here are the most reliable companies to use. 

Are you ready to start your journey into the influencer economy? If so, you will need an Instagram account, niche content, goals, and, of course, followers. The first three are easy, but the last one can be a little tough. You see, 30.6 million people in the UK have an Instagram account, and the platform has over a billion active users worldwide, so the sheer volume of content can make it hard to stand out from the crowd. 

Instagram accounts grow exponentially, meaning that the more followers you have, the more quickly you are likely to grow and the faster you will rank high on the platform. This is largely due to the way the Instagram algorithm works. You see, Instagram’s algorithm is in place to connect people with engaging content and, ideally, keep them on the app for as long as possible. 

How does it do this? By taking note of the likes, comments, shares, and saves that a post racks up. Posts that get a lot of attention and engagement, therefore, are picked up by the algorithm and recommended to others. This means that bigger accounts are more likely to be boosted by the platform itself and gain even more engagement. 

So, what can you do to even the odds and boost your growth? One way to combat this imbalance is through buying comments and engagement from reputable companies. 

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Comments?  

There are contradictory statements on the internet when it comes to buying Instagram comments and followers. On one hand, there is no doubt that engagement will increase your chances of the algorithm picking your posts and promoting them organically. However, there are also risks. 

When you buy Instagram engagement packages or comments from the wrong companies, there is a high chance that your account will be flagged for suspicious activity. This can result in your account being suspended or terminated, since buying followers or engagement is against Instagram’s terms of service. 

Nonetheless, if you work with reliable and authentic brands, you can get the benefits of increased engagement with minimal risk and start to see genuine results very quickly. 

As such, the short answer is: buying Instagram comments is safe when you work with reliable companies, so you need to be choosy.

9 Great Sites to Buy Instagram Comments From

Because selecting the right company is so important when it comes to buying Instagram comments, we have compiled a list of the nine best options for UK Instagram users. Each of these brands are established, tested, and reputable, with great service packages to choose from.  


Twicsy is our number-one choice for a few reasons. To start off, Twicsy has a long track record of providing excellent service and taking the security of their clients very seriously. Secondly, Twicsy is dedicated to providing the best possible results for their clients, because they know that happy clients are the basis of their business. Twicsy:

●    Works only with active, authentic accounts (not bots)
●    Has a 24/7 customer support team
●    Provides tailored comments that are relevant to your niche
●    Guarantees that you get what you pay for
●    Provides support for clients who are building a marketing strategy

Oxford Mail:

This is why Twicsy is a firm favourite amongst influencers and small-to-medium brands who are looking to accelerate their growth. Their dedicated customer service team is a real bonus, as they are always happy to answer questions and will spring into action quickly if you ever have an issue with your order. 


Buzzoid is another favourite for UK influencers and brands who want to boost their growth through buying Instagram comments. The brand is dedicated to helping their customers get noticed by the algorithm. 

Although they follow the same ethos as Twicsy when it comes to using real accounts and providing relevant engagement, they are a better choice for those who already have a marketing strategy in mind. 

Oxford Mail:
Buzzoid offers a complex and varied range of packages, designed to provide the right results at every stage of your growth. You can buy a large volume of comments based on your package, but keep in mind: you have to be careful to choose a package that will not flag your Instagram for suspicious activity. Suddenly going from little engagement to hundreds of comments on multiple posts overnight is considered highly unusual and thus suspicious.

While Buzzoid provides some guidance around this, they are less support-based than Twicsy. Even still, they have a dedicated customer service team that will be happy to answer questions and resolve issues for you. Just know that they can be slow to reply; keep that in mind when reaching out to avoid frustration. 


Looking to grow your account quickly and with minimal hassle? If so, Rushmax is the right choice for you. They specialize in working with serious Instagram users who already know the ins and outs of the process. You can buy comments in as little as one minute and you will begin to see results immediately.

In fact, they make the whole process as quick and seamless as possible; you do not need to fill out long forms or even create an account to process your order. All you need to tell them is your username, what you want, and your payment details (which they do not store). After that, you can leave them to do the rest while you get on with the business of planning your growth and personal brand. 


SocialSwift are social media experts. This is why hundreds of influencers and brands turn to them when seeking a boost for their social media. They work with genuine Instagram accounts to provide authentic followers and high-quality comments quickly and efficiently. They are stringent about security and will never ask for your log-in information. 

However, because they prioritize speed, SocialSwifts comments can be of slightly lower quality than those provided by companies like Twicsy and Rushmax. This is balanced by the affordable nature of their packages, of course, but if detailed, tailored engagement and high quality are more important than speed, other options on this list may suit you better. 

BuzzHive Media 

BuzzHive Media is all about helping brands to create a ‘buzz’ around their content in a way that prompts secondary, organic growth. They offer a number of affordable packages for those seeking to boost their engagement and reach their goals. 

Their service is quick and reliable, and they do not work with bot accounts. This is just one of the reasons why they have a good reputation within the industry. Their customer service team is professional and friendly, but largely issue oriented, so if you want guidance about your marketing strategy, it is best to seek additional help elsewhere. 


InstaPulse are Instagram experts who really know their stuff. They offer support and growth packages for medium-sized accounts who are serious about rising on Instagram. For this reason, their packages are a little more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but many reviews indicate that it is worth it. Their service is quick and efficient, and their customer service team is prompt in responding. 

The only downside is the lack of guidance around their packages, which can lead beginners to choosing a package that is too ambitious for their current Instagram account. This can lead to Instagram noticing suspicious activity and suspending or terminating their account. Be sure to research the right number of comments to buy in advance, so you can cash in on the right package. 

SocialForce Marketing 

Beginners to Instagram who are looking for an experienced team to provide guidance as they start their foray into social media will love SocialForce Marketing. They can help you to plan your marketing strategy and provide advice about the right services to help boost your account in a way that will seem organic.

They work with authentic Instagram accounts, not bots, and provide tailored comments that will boost your engagement rate. However, be aware that their delivery rate can be slower than others. This can be beneficial in avoiding detection, but it can also leave you concerned if you don’t know to expect it. 

The Social Co.

The Social Co. is a relatively new company that has made waves in recent years, thanks to their quick and efficient service. They specialize in working with lifestyle influencers and brands, so if your content exists within this niche, you will find their comment packages especially helpful. 

Their website can be a little complex and their customer service is slow to respond. However, this is understandable, as their popularity has grown quickly. Undoubtedly, this will improve as they scale up their operation to meet demand.   

TrendSpark Digital

If you are ready to supercharge your engagement and prompt organic growth in the long-term, TrendSpark Digital is here to help. They have a dedicated team of social media experts who are always willing and eager to help people meet their goals. They have a number of affordable packages that offer good quality and value for money, but their options are a little less varied than some of the others on this list. 

Why We Chose These Companies

When choosing the companies to include on this list, we considered a number of factors, including:

●    Customer reviews
●    Security protocols
●    Data storage
●    Affordability
●    Services offered
●    Usage of bot accounts

All of the companies we recommend have stringent security protocols, keep data encrypted or wipe it from temporary servers regularly, do not request log-in information, and offer a range of packages at different price points. We never recommend companies that use bot or AI accounts to follow or provide engagement for their clients, because this practice is counter-productive and could result in your account being terminated. In short, we chose these accounts because they are safe and reliable!