Visitors to Cogges Manor Farm enjoyed Easter egg hunts and met real-life Easter chicks over the Bank Holiday weekend.

An egg hunt in the stable was just one of the children's holiday activities on offer and continues until April 14.

There were also paper crafts, cress bunnies, clay animals, sun-catchers and more.

Kids watched baking on the range, listened along with Story Time, and spotted the knitted bunnies in the decorated manor house.

Live music troupe The Itinerants, with many of Cogges' volunteers, played in the farmyard while visitors could pop into the farm's shop and Cogges Kitchen café for tasty chocolate treats.

Cogges has announced a new season of events for summer including the MG Car Cub's annual St George's Day Run, The Jungle Book family theatre in the Barn, a picnic and dance display with Georgettes of Oxford and a celebration of farming and the countryside at the Spring Fair.

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