A PhD student studying theoretical physics at Oxford University has said a new science, technology, maths and engineering (STEM) feed on TikTok "means a lot".

The social media platform is set to introduce a dedicated feed that will deal exclusively with STEM subjects.

The hope is this platform will "inspire" young minds to "project themselves into different careers" related to these disciplines.

The feed became available to TikTok users in the UK and Ireland from today, April 2.

Users will be able to access this resource alongside the existing For You page.

24-year-old Eleonora Svanberg, a PhD student at Oxford, has used the platform to "inspire" young individuals to explore STEM subjects.

She said: "For me, [the STEM feed] means a lot, not only will my passion for STEM reach a wider audience, we’ll also be able to present more diverse people doing STEM and hopefully reach more people that could see themselves doing STEM.

“Most of the time during my studies, I’ve been the only girl in my class and I acknowledge that the lack of role models to me has been really challenging and challenging for other girls out there.”

Ms Svanberg, who has more than 136,000 followers on TikTok, uses the platform to create appealing and modern videos to be "relatable" and "transparent".

She insisted that STEM should not be viewed as an elitist sector but that it is "accessible" for all.

She said: “I’m not afraid to speak about the feelings around doing STEM, so a lot of my content is about me feeling stupid while studying mathematics because that’s a part of learning mathematics.

“I get daily messages from young girls around the world saying that I’ve inspired them to pursue STEM and that means the world to me.”

Throughout the past three years, roughly 15 million videos pertaining to various STEM topics have been posted on TikTok globally.

Some creators have gained massive followings as a result, indicating a strong interest in these spheres.

Users under the age of 18 will have the feed automatically enabled but are free to opt-out.

For users above 18, they can activate the feed through the content settings option in the app.

The feed will also feature English-speaking content with auto-translated subtitles.

This content will be fact-checked by two independent organisations.

Following its launch in the United States, the feed is set to be introduced across Europe over the next few weeks.

According to TikTok, one-third of teenagers visit the page weekly since its launch.