An artist in Oxford has installed a giant fibreglass dolphin on his roof to protest flooding.

Sumit Fishi from Botley has been a long-time sufferer of flooding in the area and felt that more needed to be done to protect his house.

In response, he has taken an unconventional stand by placing the mammoth dolphin sculpture atop his residence in a bold act of protest.

Inspired by the famed Headington Shark, Mr Fishi's installation aims to draw attention to the plight of the community while sparking dialogue about resilience and creativity in the face of adversity.

Oxford Mail: Mr Fishi chose the dolphin to launch a protest.Mr Fishi chose the dolphin to launch a protest. (Image: Pexels)

"I couldn't stand idly," he expressed passionately.

"This dolphin represents our resilience and determination to weather any storm, quite literally.

“It's a reminder that even amidst chaos, beauty and strength can emerge."

The towering sculpture, crafted meticulously from fibreglass and adorned with vibrant mosaics, now commands attention from miles.

It now serves as both a symbol of hope and a source of controversy among Botley's residents with not everyone welcoming the new installation.

Concerns have been raised regarding the potential obstruction of the skyline and the impact on property values.

Oxford Mail: The Headington Shark has experienced controversy since its installation.The Headington Shark has experienced controversy since its installation. (Image: Newsquest)

Some residents fear that the towering sculpture could detract from the picturesque charm that defines Botley's landscape.

"I appreciate Mr Fishi's creativity, but this dolphin feels out of place," remarked Sandy Dryland.

"We're already dealing with enough disruption from the flooding, do we really need a giant dolphin looming over us as well?"

Despite the uproar, others have welcomed Mr Fishi's unconventional protest, embracing the playful spirit it brings to the community.

"I think it's fantastic," said Finn Swimmings.

"Sure, it's different, but that's what makes it so special as It's a reminder of the need to stay strong, no matter what challenges we face."

Oxford Mail: The statue of the dolphin has proved decisive in Botley.The statue of the dolphin has proved decisive in Botley. (Image: Pexels)

Fellow artist and friend of Mr Fishi, Keen Angler, praised his boldness in challenging the status quo through his art.

"Sumit has always been one to push boundaries and spark conversation," said Miss Angler.

"His dolphin is a testament to his creativity and his commitment to making a statement. It's inspiring to see an artist using their platform to address real-world issues."

As the debate rages on, Mr Fishi remains steadfast in his conviction, continuing to work on his towering masterpiece.

Now the flooding has receded, the fate of Botley's newest landmark hangs in the balance, leaving residents to ponder the enduring legacy of Sumit Fishi's artistic rebellion.

“Hopefully the rest of Oxford approves of my creation or else both the dolphin and I will be swimming with the fishes,” he joked.