A CONVICTED Oxfordshire murderer has died in a crash in Burford, an inquest opening has heard.

Thomas Purcell, who was convicted in 2006 of killing 16-year-old Megan McAlorum in Belfast, has died after being involved in a crash in the Burford area, between Oxford and Cheltenham on March 4.

It is understood that Purcell was driving a car when he was involved in a crash with a van. The driver of the van is recovering from serious injuries.

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An inquest opening at Oxford Coroner’s Court on Wednesday (March 27) heard that Purcell, who was unemployed at the time of his death, died from a traumatic brain injury.

The 36-year-old, of Furlong Close, Oxford, was identified to hospital staff by his brother, Philip.

Purcell, who 16-years-old at the time of the murder, was sentenced for 15 years imprisonment. He was released from prison in 2021.

Miss McAlorum was murdered by Purcell on Easter Sunday 2004 after he offered her a lift while she was walking home from a takeaway.

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Her body was later found in a wooded area close to the Glenside Road on the outskirts of west Belfast, with injuries including 54 fractures to her skull.

Purcell had previous convictions dating back to 2000 when he made a series of appearances at Oxford Youth Court.

A full inquest will take place at the same court on September 5 at 2pm.