Local theatre group, AmEgos, is staging the musical, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.

The play is based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo, with music and lyrics by award winners Stephen Schwarz and Alan Menken.

The musical revolves around the character of Quasimodo, who has spent his life in the bell tower of Notre Dame but yearns to explore the outside world.

The plot thickens when Quasimodo attends the Feast of Fools and encounters Esmeralda, a compassionate gypsy who defends him from an agitated crowd.

Concurrently, his guardian, archdeacon Dom Claude Frollo and the new guard captain, Phoebus de Martin, both become attracted to Esmeralda.

The narrative ascends towards a climax, questioning if Quasimodo will manage to safeguard Esmeralda from Frollo’s wrath and jealousy, and who the actual monster of Notre Dame is.

The historical Wantage Parish Church provides an appropriate background, supported by Wantage Town Council, Wantage Parish Church, and local enterprises, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME will be held from April 4 -6 at Wantage Parish Church.

Further details and tickets are available at www.AmEgosTheatre.com.