Oxford residents are the ninth most worried about flooding in the UK according to new data.

Howden Insurance analysed nationwide Google searches relating to flooding, revealing that on average, per 100,000 UK residents, there were 179 flood-related searches a month.

That figure rose to 379 monthly searches for Oxford.

Oxford Mail: Flooding in DorchesterFlooding in Dorchester (Image: Thom Airs Media)

The concern comes after the city experienced widespread floods caused by Storm Henk at the start of the year.

Among other UK cities, Loughborough residents are most anxious, averaging 661 monthly searches per 100,000 people.

Topping the search list for them was the term 'flood warning'.

Second-placed Lincoln averaged 509 monthly searches with similar fears.

Many parts of Lincoln are below sea level, increasing the risk of flooding even during less rainy months.

Derby closely followed, with 506 monthly searches per 100,000 people.

Oxford Mail: Submerged cars at Wallingford Splash Pool car parkSubmerged cars at Wallingford Splash Pool car park (Image: Lynda Bowyer)

The city's citizens faced significant flooding during 2023 and searched 'flood warning' and 'flooding near me'.

Burton Upon Trent and Worcester follow in fourth and fifth, with high anxiety levels caused by naturally flood-prone environments.

The results come after February was confirmed as the wettest on record.

Glasgow citizens seem the least perturbed, averaging just 49 flood-related searches per month per 100,000 residents.

Meanwhile, Belfast and East Kilbride were also more relaxed about potential flooding.

The study examined the number of searches on 16 flood-related terms across 12 months.