A new study has unveiled Oxford railway station as having the highest parking fees for train stations in the UK outside of London.

The research compared parking costs for an eight-hour stay during weekdays across the busiest train stations in the UK, shedding light on the financial burdens commuters face.

According to the findings by car finance company Moneybarn, Oxford railway station leads the pack with a staggering parking fee of £31.50 for eight hours for non-rail users.

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The station is one of two serving the city and has an annual footfall of over five million visitors as of March 2022, ranking it the 15th busiest station on the list.

Overall, the station ranks fifth on the list including London stations with Gatwick Airport charging the most at £50 for an eight-hour stay.

A Great West Railway spokesman said: "Oxford Station car park is £7 a day for rail customers.

"Part of the car park's original planning consent was a stipulation that it did not undercut prices at nearby local authority car parks, so non-railway customers are charged more."

Oxford Mail: Following closely behind Oxford, Glasgow Central and Moorfields in Liverpool share the second spot with parking charges of £24.95 for an eight-hour stay.

Glasgow Central, being Scotland’s largest city, attracts a massive footfall of 15 million annually, cementing its position as one of the busiest train stations in the UK.

Meanwhile, despite hosting fewer passengers annually, Moorfields matches Glasgow Central's parking fees at £24.95 for 6 to 24 hours.

The findings come as street parking costs in 14 areas of Oxford are set to rise on April 15, from £13.20 to £15.20 for two hours.

The increase is being applied to Beaumont Street, Blackhall Road, Cromwell Street, Keble Road, King Edward Street and Longwall Street.

Also included are Mansfield Road, Merton Street, Museum Road, Parks Road, Savile Road, St Giles, Wellington Square and Woodstock Road.

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Oxfordshire County Council said people also have the option of using off-street parking or the Park and Ride facilities located around the city. 

A combined parking and bus 24-hour ticket at Park and Ride locations is £4 for a car and one adult bus ticket or £5 for a car and two adult bus tickets.

Elsewhere in the city, cheap car parking for shoppers at an Oxford college looks set to be banned by Oxford City Council.

Since 2012, the City of Oxford College has been renting out about 91 spaces at its college off Oxpens Road at weekends and during college holidays.

For £6 you can park all day on-site - a much cheaper deal than the city council's Oxpens car park opposite where up to three hours' parking costs £6.10. It costs £4.80 to park for two hours at the Westgate Centre.

However, the college, run by Activate Learning, has been told it can no longer hire out spaces.

The college has been refused a Certificate of Lawful Use and is expected to have to stop renting out the spaces unless it appeals against the decision.