Hotel staff in Oxford have been using their spare time to help improve the environment.

Voco Oxford Thames hotel staff have planted 20 fruit trees including apple, pear, and plum.

These have been strategically positioned next to the hotel's bee hives at Sandford-On-Thames, fostering an ecosystem beneficial to wildlife and the local community.

This is part of an ambition by voco Oxford Thames to designate sections of its land to preserve and enhance the environment.

The hotel staff also organised a clean-up of their land and the surrounding parish. Volunteers helped collect more than 42kg of litter with the aim of enhancing the local landscape's visual appeal, protect wildlife and to prevent environmental harm caused by litter pollution.

Hotel manager at the voco Oxford Thames’ Hotel, James Bell, said: "We are all thrilled to see the positive impact of our recent initiatives.

"By planting fruit trees and conducting a comprehensive litter pick, we are taking tangible steps towards creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable community for generations to come.

"Thank you to all of the staff here and to the local community for helping us in our efforts."

Voco Oxford Thames will continue to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts in Oxford and beyond.

For more information about voco Oxford Thames, visit the website.