BRITA UK has made a significant environmental pledge by installing 818 solar panels at its Bicester headquarters.

The £282,000 project, completed in February, will substantially reduce the company’s emissions.

As part of BRITA’s commitment to lessening its environmental impact, the solar panels are predicted to generate 361,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) every year, powering 26% of all the electricity utilised at the Bicester factory complex.

This investment implies that BRITA will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 84 tonnes annually. The substantial cut in carbon can be compared to driving 215,500 miles or charging 10.2m smartphones.

BRITA estimates that the solar panels will become cost-neutral within just five years. The carbon saving annually will be equivalent to planting 2,100 trees.

In a bid to help the UK reach net-zero emissions by 2050, this undertaking by BRITA aligns with the country’s national push to combat climate change.

Neal Whitfield, Managing Director Operations, BRITA UK, said: "We're excited to announce that our water filter cartridges will be powered by home grown renewable energy. It's all part of our contribution to Britain's push to reduce climate-changing pollution to net zero.

"We exist to help people drink more sustainably and that starts with our operations, which is why the installation of over 800 solar panels at our head office and factory site is so important.

"The solar panels look terrific on our roof, and I look forward to seeing them glinting in the summer sun when they will be producing maximum clean green power."