A new online application system for Oxford City Council's general housing register has been launched.

Previously, applicants had to download a PDF and email their supporting evidence.

However, the new digital system is designed to be faster, more straightforward and accessible and can be accessed via various devices.

The new system includes an up-to-date built-in eligibility checker to help people make informed decisions about their social housing requirements.

The online form means people need to submit the evidence needed to assess their application when they apply.

This aims to reduce processing times and limit the need for further communication during the assessment process.

There are more than 3,300 households already on the housing register and the council receives around 1,300 new applications a year.

The new online system is expected to streamline applicants effectively by checking their eligibility at the very start.

Individuals wishing to apply can now do so directly on the council’s website.

The old PDF forms, however, are no longer available for download, though unprocessed applications will continue to be handled.

For any issues faced while applying or for further information, people can call the council on 01865 249811.

Council tenants and tenants of partner housing associations who want a transfer should continue to apply using paper and PDF forms.

Oxford City Council plans to introduce an online transfer application system for existing tenants in the upcoming months.