An Oxfordshire mum has been left frustrated and heartbroken after finding nowhere for her disabled son to play safely.

Michelle Stone from Barwell in Wantage is a mum of five children including six-year-old Finley who suffers from Angelman syndrome.

Finley, who attends Fitzwaryn School on Denchworth Road, is nonverbal and struggles to move around without a walker or wheelchair.

The family lives just 30 seconds away from Smith's Wharf play area, but Michelle says there is nothing there that her son can safely use to play around with.

Oxford Mail: Finley suffers from Angelman syndrome.Finley suffers from Angelman syndrome. (Image: Michelle Stone)

“There is nothing you can do around here if you have a disabled child and that is so upsetting,” she said.

“A characteristic of his condition is that he is always smiling, but seeing him at the park while the others are having fun and he isn’t even smiling is heart-breaking.

“People say you never see Fin without a smile and although he likes to watch, it's just not fair and it is just so frustrating.

“Finley is frustrated too, and if I were to speak for him I’d say he is upset because he just can’t join in with everyone else.”

Oxford Mail: The play area is currently closed.The play area is currently closed. (Image: Ed Nix)

The 39-year-old mum is desperate to see some change and has encouraged South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils to make alterations.

“I just want to see something that is inclusive because even a chair swing needs to be a wheelchair swing where you can put the wheelchair itself on, there’s one like that in Cumnor,” she said.

“Nothing at the moment is suitable and the council should be aware of it.

“There are a lot of children of course at Fitzwaryn who are in special chairs so it is not only one child that would benefit from it.

Oxford Mail: The play area is not accessible according to Michelle.The play area is not accessible according to Michelle. (Image: Michelle Stone)

“Everything with having a disabled child seems like a battle from the smaller things like nappies to these bigger issues.

“In this day and age, it just seems ridiculous that all the children can’t have a place to play together, which is inclusive for everyone.”

The council argue that there are accessible play areas nearby with potential plans for more.

A spokesperson said: “The Smith’s Wharf playground has been closed due to safety concerns.

“Remedial work is planned to start on April 2 and, depending on weather, should be complete by the end of April.

Oxford Mail: The play area which can be found in Wantage.The play area which can be found in Wantage. (Image: Ed Nix)

“Since 2022/23, there has been a member budget of £40,000 in Vale each year paid for by Community Infrastructure Levy that is specifically for replacing and installing accessible play equipment.

“In the new financial year (starting April 1), we will be choosing more projects to allocate funding to install accessible play equipment.”

The spokesperson added that money has been allocated for accessible swings, sensory boards and a roundabout in The Chestnuts, Wantage. 

These have yet to be installed but some other accessible play features have been recently constructed at Southern Town Park and Tilsley Park in Abingdon and Marlborough Gardens in Faringdon.