Another hopeful contestant on The Apprentice was fired by Lord Alan Sugar in the boardroom last night (March 22) but whose time was up?

It was Noor Bouziane who was sent home in a taxi after failing to deliver as project manager for team Supream.

The Liverpool business owner was joined on the team by Rachel Woolford, Foluso Falade, Tre Lowe and Phil Turner.

On Thursday’s episode, the candidates were given the task of branding an electric vehicle and creating an advertising campaign.

Lord Sugar revealed: "You've got to create a brand name, and logo, as well as a 30 second television advert. You'll be pitching your campaign to a panel of industry experts."

However, one team steered its advert into comic chaos, while the other side's confusing promotional message and “childish” logo was given the red light for its poor location and “boring” story, reports Radio Times.

Why was Noor Bouziane fired from The Apprentice last night?

Lord Sugar questioned the choice of the location for the advert and logo for the vehicle, which he couldn’t understand.

But Noor defended her decisions on why she wanted the vehicle to be advertised as a "mobile pop-up shop".

She said: "I didn't want to use the cliche, like the typical advert where the van is moving. I feel like that's done before."

Lord Sugar replied: "But Noor it is a vehicle. Surely you'd want to see it driving somewhere. It may as well just be a stall in a market."

After Noor watched the advert in the boardroom, she said it was "very good".

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Yet Lord Sugar asked: "What's good about it?

"It's not straight to the point. It's a 30 second advert, 15 seconds of which are a couple of girls sitting on a bench. What's that got to do with a vehicle?"

On his decision to fire Noor, Lord Sugar explained: "I'm frustrated, Noor, that you don't understand how you've messed this thing up. I gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. It was a terrible, terrible advert and I'm afraid to say it is with regret, Noor, that you're fired."

Commenting on her exit, Noor said: "I'm grateful to have met amazing people and to have shown just a small percentage of what an amazing businesswoman that I am. And even though the advert got a lot of criticism I still believe that it was really good."