An amusement centre in Oxford is launching a new vampire-themed game.

Escape Hunt Oxford's brand-new City Hunt adventure, Vampire Hunters, will go live on Saturday, March 23.

The outdoor game allows players to hunt Vampire Barons throughout the streets of Oxford, turning the city into a doorless escape room and challenging treasure hunt.

The new offering will join Escape Hunt's existing outdoor games, such as Time Cops and Return to Wonderland.

The concept is simple; players must take to the streets of Oxford to join the Vampire Hunters and defeat the Vampire King's Barons, each of which holds a key to his location.

Tasked with navigating the streets using a digital map, players need to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and crack cryptic clues, all within a 90 minute timeframe.

The game encourages teamwork, making it an ideal experience for those looking for a different kind of city tour, or wanting to see their home town from a new perspective.

The Vampire Hunters game allows teams of two to six players, making it suitable for friends or family outings.

As an added bonus for families, kids under eight years old can join the fun for free.

For tickets and more information on how to book, go to