Mystery surrounds the sighting of a bright light moving across the sky in Oxfordshire. 

Edward Drake was walking the dog near his home in Finstock, near Witney, on Friday night (March 16) at about 9pm when he took a few pictures of the night sky.

He said: "I took a picture of the stars and I didn't even notice the object until afterwards when I zoomed in."

Hoping to find if the truth is out there he posted pictures of the rectangular UFO on Witney Spotted Facebook group.

Oxford Mail: UFO photographed over Finstock

Tongue-in-cheek suggestions poured in, including "Sterling's free kick from yesterday" - Chelsea player Raheem Sterling kicked the ball into the top tier of the stand on Saturday - or an old video cassette.

One wag wrote: "This is most concerning. What is that big blue arrow?"

In 2007 reports of an unusual object in the sky over Witney turned out to be a Chinese 'wish balloon' which a man had launched from his garden as a romantic gesture for his wife.

However, Oxfordshire astronomer Mary McIntyre said the Finstock picture almost certainly showed an out of focus aeroplane because of the parallel lines and flashing lights.