A café brand based in Amsterdam is set to open a new spot in Oxford.

Signs have been placed in the window of an empty shop on High Street in the city centre which advertises that a café named Camelia is coming soon.

Camelia cafés are based in the Netherlands, but are available to franchise across the world according to their website.

The large hoardings are in both windows of the property and simply state “coming soon” along with the café’s teal, white and red.

No date has been given yet on when the location will open but the website offers a bit of background on the café chain’s history.

“Camelia launched in 2021 as a chain of cafes aimed at delivering Lezza Food’s selection of dozens of products to customers worldwide firsthand,” read the website.

“The Camelia, who will operate as hybrids by interpreting a common model with a unique approach, have many products on the menu, from artisan cakes to hot selections.”

The website details how the brand can be franchised by suggesting three different concept ideas for locations around the world with malls, cafés and markets proposed.

“The concept includes a fully equipped kitchen,” read the website.

“The concept includes quesadilla, wraps, bakery products, sweet and cake types, preparation and presentation units.”

The Oxford Mail has approached Camelia for comment but has received no response as of yet.