A couple have tucked into a life-sized cake replica of their dog as a birthday treat which has been jokingly described as "psychotic".

Anna Railton and Dr Chris Smowton had a life-size replica of their dog Arthur made in the form of a cake purchased from the Oxford Covered Market.

Oxford Mail: Dog Arthur.Dog Arthur. (Image: Anna Railton.)

Ms Railton said: "I think what was ordered was just not a good idea.

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"It's a completely psychotic cake.

Oxford Mail: Dog Arthur and dog Arthur.Dog Arthur and dog Arthur. (Image: Anna Railton.)

"They're too good in the Covered Market - too realistic."

The cake was the same size as Arthur, who was barking in the background at the time we spoke to Ms Railton.

Oxford Mail: Dog Arthur dismantled.Dog Arthur dismantled. (Image: Anna Railton.)

The Labour councillor is married to Liberal Democrat Dr Christopher Smowton and both share the same birthday.

When asked whether the differing party allegiances were ever a source of contention, Ms Railton said it was "mostly fine".

Oxford Mail: Dr Smowton.Dr Smowton. (Image: Anna Railton.)

She added: "We have a non-aggression pact."