The eighth candidate was fired by Lord Sugar from The Apprentice on Thursday (March 14) night.

The 2024 edition of the BBC series is now over half way through with the likes of Sam Saadet, Jack Davies and Dr Asif Munaf already having left the show in recent weeks.

In week 7 of The Apprentice - now in its 18th season - the remaining candidates were taken to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

They were asked to "capitalise on booming tourism" in the area and come up with, sell and then run their own boat and vineyard tours.

Team Nexus came out on top of the week 7 task, while Rachel Woolford, Foluso Falade and Virdi Singh Mazaria were left in the firing line from the losing team.

Who got fired from The Apprentice?

In the end it was Virdi who became the eighth candidate fired by Lord Sugar from The Apprentice 2024.

Virdi spoke about his experience on The Apprentice, with Radio Times, revealing he "had to fight" for his place after all seven straight losses on the show.

He said: "I think the more people get fired, the more morale gets boosted, the more it gets heated, and the more the competition gets more fierce because it gets more real.

"And for me, obviously, losing seven times, it was a lot harder, my journey, because I had to be in the boardroom quite a long time and I had to fight for myself.

"But I really feel like it got me stronger week in, week out. And then it got to a point that the boardroom was just normal for me."

Oxford Mail: Virdi Singh Mazaria became the eighth candidate fired from The Apprentice 2024 after the week 7 task in Budapest.Virdi Singh Mazaria became the eighth candidate fired from The Apprentice 2024 after the week 7 task in Budapest. (Image: BBC)

Who has left The Apprentice already in 2024?

There have already been seven candidates fired by Lord Sugar from series 18 of The Apprentice:

  • Week 6 - Sam Saadet
  • Week 5 - Onyeka Nweze
  • Week 4 - Amina Khan and Jack Davies (double firing)
  • Week 3 - Dr Asif Munaf
  • Week 2 - Paul Bowen
  • Week 1 - Oliver Medforth


Remaining candidates on The Apprentice 2024

There are 10 candidates still remaining in the latest series of BBC's The Apprentice:

  • Flo Edwards (London)
  • Foluso Falade (Manchester)
  • Maura Rath (Wexford)
  • Noor Bouziane (Liverpool)
  • Dr. Paul Midha (Leeds)
  • Phil Turner (Bognor Regis)
  • Rachel Woolford (Leeds)
  • Raj Chohan (Leamington Spa)
  • Steve Darken (London)
  • Tre Lowe (London)

The Apprentice continues next Thursday (March 21) at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.