A recently formed over 50s punk band has played to a sold out crowd, raising hundreds of pounds for charity in the process.

The women's band, The HorMones, held a fundraising event at the Florence Park Community Centre in Oxford.

The band's performance attracted a capacity crowd with £369 raised in donations for the Young Women's Music Project, an Oxford-based charity encouraging young women to play band instruments.

Suzette, a member of the band, said: "Sixty years ago at school I was told 'you're tone deaf, just mime'. And I did, until I joined The HorMones.

"Find your voice, take up space, make some noise."

The HorMones had no prior playing experience before forming in March,.

Becks, the band's rhythm guitar player, said: "I love being in this punk band. We have masses of fun.

"I look forward to rehearsals - there's always a bottle going round and I'm thumping out guitar chords."

The band was lauded by audience members for their performance.

A representative from the Young Women's Music Project said: "We are over the moon with support from The HorMones.

"They embody the empowering punk ethos that is exactly what YWMP is about.

"An over 50, all-woman band is an inspiration to young people wanting to make music in a world that can be excluding for those on the edges."