An Oxfordshire teenager who drove over a pothole which caused "a massive bang" is expecting those responsible to pay for damage.

Adam Gould, born and raised in Bicester, was left fuming when his Volkswagen Polo GTI struck the "seven-eight inches deep pothole" at Shakespeare Drive.

The 18-year-old, who works in Enstone "about 12 miles out of Bicester" said he had to get a lift to work this morning - Monday - as the car steering had gone funny.

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Mr Gould said: "It is quite an expensive car and the potholes can do a lot of damage.

Oxford Mail: It was seven-eight inches deep.It was seven-eight inches deep. (Image: Contribution.)

"They make me not want to drive my car but it shouldn't be like that."

The car enthusiast said his Volkswagen was his "pride and joy".

He had this message for the council: "I would like you guys to know any damage to my car you will be funding the repairs, they are all over Bicester it is shocking."

Oxfordshire County Council says there is "absolutely no shortage of intent and effort locally to do a good job".

The council highlights there are 13 teams out repairing the roads each day working within the funding the council has available.

A spokesman added: "In 2023, we repaired 39,633 potholes around the county.

Oxford Mail: Bumpy Bicester road.Bumpy Bicester road. (Image: Contribution.)

"However, even with the extra funding made available by the government last year, councils have for some time been significantly underfunded by central government for highway maintenance work.

"The period straight after winter is always the most difficult and we allocate resources with that in mind.

"In weather conditions that we have experienced – with freezing temperatures and heavy rainfall – potholes can appear very quickly.

"We are prioritising those which pose the greatest safety concerns first.

But Mr Gould insisted the council was more interested in spending money on a new roundabout and that the authority "don't really care about potholes."

He said: "They almost do a half-job repairing them.

"It's really bad in Bicester.

Oxford Mail: His pride and joy.His pride and joy. (Image: Contribution.)

"The roads are appalling."

The frustrated motorist said he was going at five-10 miles an hour when the pothole struck.

A recent 10-hour budget meeting saw intense discussion over how much money to invest in fixing roads with the Conservative opposition saying it should be more.

The county council states that 97 per cent of potholes are now cut square, joint sealed filled and compacted, to undertake a first time permanent fix.

Potholes can be reported via 'Fix My Street' or through the county council website.

We have approached Bicester Town Council for comment.