* Warning - this article includes details which some readers may find distressing * 

A 90s pop singer who was stabbed 49 times during Covid is now homeless and trapped in a hospital having blacked out in an Oxford supermarket.

Sandra McKenzie found fame singing for British band Goldbug who had a hit with a 1996 cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’.

The Scottish singer has since fallen from grace and has experienced severe hardships in her life, becoming homeless a decade ago.

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After eventually moving into a residence in Littlemore, she then was assaulted by her next-door neighbour Stephen Allum who had invited her over during lockdown.

Oxford Mail: Sandra found musical fame with British band Goldbug in the 1990s.Sandra found musical fame with British band Goldbug in the 1990s. (Image: Sandra McKenzie)

The 65-year-old was stabbed 49 times on January 24, 2021, by Allum, who had already been given a hospital order 23 years earlier for killing his then wife.

Speaking exclusively to the Oxford Mail, Ms McKenzie revealed she is still struggling and suffered a blackout whilst shopping at the Tesco supermarket in Cowley last month.

“Two weeks ago I used to do my shopping at Tesco and I got a taxi there and I collapsed, splitting my head," she said.

“I got really frightened and started to feel dizzy before I fell.”

Oxford Mail: Sandra is now homeless.Sandra is now homeless. (Image: Ed Nix)

She has been at Warneford Hospital in Headington for around six weeks and is still feeling the effects of the attack.

“I am living a nightmare. My eyes hurt and so does my throat and my legs,” she said.

“He was just plunging the knife into my ribs, bust and stomach while holding my throat and punching me at the same time.

“It went on for about an hour and the blood was just gushing like a fountain and it took them two days to stop the flow from my bust.

“That was the main wound as it just missed my heart so I think it about it now as I really thought I was going to die that night.”

Oxford Mail: Stephen Allum stabbed Sandra 49 times.Stephen Allum stabbed Sandra 49 times. (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Ms McKenzie's attacker, Allum, was jailed for life last year after he admitted the attempted murder of the former pop star.

“My whole life flashed in front of my eyes because when you're that close to dying there is self-preservation coming from somewhere,” she said.

“He kept trying to slash my throat but I took all of the weight of the blade on my hand and I got up but he kicked my leg.

“The police actually had to lift him off me as he was still stabbing. He was insane.

“He just kept plunging the knife in and when I tried to stand up I was just screaming and there was blood everywhere.”

Oxford Mail: Sandra believed she was going to die during the attack.Sandra believed she was going to die during the attack. (Image: Ed Nix)

She never envisaged her life heading down this route on the back of her music career.

“I used to love singing, even around the house but I can’t do it anymore as my speech is being affected by my medical condition,” she said.

“I was going around the pubs on open mic nights until I was around 55 years old.

“I thought I was going to have quite a good life as when I came down to Oxford I was very confident and I should have had a good life as I had the talent to back it up.”

The former pop singer also wanted to appeal to the public for help due to her dire current living situation.

“I’m 65 and that is quite an age but I am not living like a normal pensioner because even my speech is being affected," she said.

“Speech is really important to communicate to other people of course.

“If there was someone out there who was nice and would rent me a room in their house that would be so helpful but I just want to be with nice people.”