East West Rail's plans for a new road bridge crossing in Bicester have been discussed in detailed meetings with local councillors.

Conducted as part of the Oxford to Cambridge line project, findings indicate that the London Road level crossing will not be viable once the line is operational.

Banbury MP Victoria Prenits said: "Further studies have concluded that signalling improvements will not be enough to keep the current crossing viable once the line is fully operational between Oxford and Cambridge."

Two locations are under consideration for the planned new road.

One is closer to the present crossing, while the other is further east.

East West Rail is simultaneously planning an additional crossing at London Road.

This could be a smaller bridge or underpass to accommodate cyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users.

Ms Prentis added: "None of the options are straightforward and the impact of a new road bridge in the heart of the town will need to be properly considered."

Locals will have the chance to raise their own views in a public consultation due this summer.

She added: "With the first services expected to run between Oxford and Milton Keynes as early as next year, the councillors and I emphasised the need for East West Rail to implement a viable design as quickly as possible.

"I will continue to work with our local representatives and my colleagues in Government until a long-term solution is secured."