Expectant mothers in Oxfordshire are now able to access their pregnancy notes through an app launched at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Previously, women had to rely on a traditional paper-based system.

Now, via the Badger Notes app, they can access records and other information from a phone, tablet or computer 24/7.

Badger Notes, a digital replacement for the blue maternity notes folder, is already widely used across the UK.

It allows pregnant women to record related information and provides access to all maternity leaflets.

Midwives can also share tailored resources via the app, which is part of Badgernet - a portal for clinical staff.

Jennifer Mearns, a digital midwife at the trust, said: "Digital notes are used widely across the NHS and help clinicians access information and provide a better – and safer – care experience for women in our community.

"Our aim is to increase choice and personalisation for women during their pregnancy journey, empowering them to take greater ownership of their maternity care by using Badger Notes, a more secure way of storing information than carrying the bulky paper file.

"Badgernet also makes it easier for healthcare professionals to share medical information and maternity records in one place if needed.

"We are thrilled to launch this transformative project."

Women pregnant before the launch will need to carry their old notes folder for the rest of their pregnancy, but the maternity team will still add their new information on Badger Notes.