The mother of a bar brawl knife victim has spoken out after two city stabbings rocked Oxford in the space of a week.

Jabu Nala-Hartley, a city councillor for Barton, said she wants to tackle the “root cause” of the problem following the stabbing of her son last year.

Her son was involved in an altercation in the early hours of July 30 but there were no serious injuries. 

But the two stabbings last week resulted in the death of Tobias Bruce, 33, after police were called to College Lane in Littlemore last Sunday. 

And police were called to Edgecombe Road in Barton around 11.35pm on Thursday where a man suffered several stab wounds.

Police confirmed yesterday the victim is “conscious and stable” as a 26-year-old has been released on conditional bail.

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Oxford Mail: Jabu Nala-Hartley at the scene of the Barton incident.Jabu Nala-Hartley at the scene of the Barton incident. (Image: Noor Qurashi)

The stabbings have brought back painful memories for Ms Nala-Hartley. 

She said: “It was terrible hearing that my son had been stabbed.

“I got the news when I was in South Africa.

“It’s happening everywhere and nobody gives a damn about these kids.”

She added: “The schooling system makes it hard for us as mums.

Oxford Mail: Tributes were paid to Tobias Bruce.Tributes were paid to Tobias Bruce. (Image: TVP/Family handout)

“I would be in the office discussing how my one-year-old threw a toy.

“There was a lot of resentment to my son and they made my life misery.”

Ms Nala-Hartley founded the Mothers 4 Justice Ubuntu initiative as a collective of mothers and family members of people in prison to “support people who are going through the criminal justice system”.

Oxford Mail: Police at the scene of the Littlemore stabbing.Police at the scene of the Littlemore stabbing. (Image: Newsquest)

Amantha Edmead, an organiser in the group, said: “The purpose to M4JU is to support families and people who find themselves for many differing reasons having to deal with the criminal justice system.

“My prayers go out to those and their families involved with the recent stabbings and may we as a community start to deal with the real issues in society that lead us to these terrible outcomes.”

Ms Nala-Hartley has now purchased a prison van on eBay which she hopes to “turn round into a positive” for those in the Barton area as an alternative to a gang culture. 

She said: “There should be a public health approach to these incidents where you heal the root causes.”

The idea is for the van to be driven around to different places after it is upgraded to include an office and kitchen facility.

Ms Nala-Hartley said she had been in possession of the vehicle for two years but was still awaiting time and funding to renovate it.

Oxford Mail: Bayswater Road in Barton was closed.Bayswater Road in Barton was closed. (Image: Christ Church/Dorchester Residential Management)

She added: “It’s going to be stylish. There’ll be a big sign across the side.”

Police and crime commissioner for Thames Valley, Matthew Barber, said the stabbing incidents were always “tragically sad” but he wanted a “much tougher” approach to knife possession.

The Conservative police chief added: “It is not acceptable from a police perspective."

There have been increased patrols taking place in both Littlemore and Barton following the incidents. 

Police told the public there would be a larger presence in the communities over the weekend as the force continues to "keep an open mind" on the two incidents being linked. 

A murder investigation continues into the death of Littlemore victim Tobias Bruce and police have released a 26-year-old man on conditional bail while they continue investigation of Thursday’s incident in Barton.