An exhibition exploring Tibet's cultural impact on the rest of the world is opening in Oxford.

Organised by Oxford-based artist Catriona Bass, the exhibition will be showing at the Said Business School in Frideswide Square between August 4 and August 30.

Tibetan Pathways will feature the work of three artists - Ms Bass, Vered Aviv, and Ugyen Choephell. The work is inspired by Tibetan spirituality, culture and politics.

Ms Bass said: "I spent a year-and-a-half living and working in Tibet in the mid 1980s and it was an amazing experience.

"This exhibition will be looking at how the image of the country has been used around the world by different people to explore their own identities.

"Tibet, perhaps more than many places, has emerged as a powerful symbol in the world.

"The exhibition does have a political theme, but is not intended to be propagandist."