There are six flood warnings in place today with water levels remaining high across the county.

The warnings include the Thames at Abingdon where the Environment Agency says flooding of property, roads and low-lying land is expected overnight and tomorrow (February 23).

Areas most at risk are properties on Bridge Street, East St Helens Street and St Helens Wharf. 

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However, peak levels are not currently expected to be as high as those seen last month.

A warning is in place for the River Ray at Islip with flooding of low-lying land, roads and possibly property, especially in areas closest to the river in Mill Street.

Residents are being told to move possessions and valuables off the ground or to safety and to activate any property flood protection products such as flood barriers.

There are also 32 flood alerts in the wider area, where some flooding is possible.

This includes the River Cherwell and its tributaries from Lower Heyford down to Oxford.

Flooding of low-lying land and roads is expected to continue today, particularly around Thrupp but property flooding is not currently expected in this area, said the EA.

It is expected that river levels are expected to slowly lower through today but levels will remain sensitive to further rainfall over the coming days.

The weather forecast is for dry conditions and sunny spells this morning changing to cloudy by lunchtime.