Brits who work from home are being urged to check whether they are eligible for a payment towards their broadband. 

Remote working was the norm during the pandemic but as of 2024, 38% of the public still work from home at least some of the time.

In fact 25% work from home occasionally and 13% do so full-time, according to statistics from Finder.

Whether you're fully remote or you're a hybrid worker, you might have asked yourself if you can claim any compensation towards your internet costs. 

You could be eligible for a payment under certain circumstances and lucky for all the work-from-homers, the broadband experts at Independent Advisor Broadband have explained all the rules.

What are your rights for broadband costs and coverage whilst working from home?

You may be able to claim a payment from your employer - in select circumstances - according to the broadband experts.

However, Independent Advisor Broadband explained that for many, this will not be the case. 

The experts added: "If an employee is already covering the cost of a broadband internet connection at their residence, there are no supplementary expenses eligible for reimbursement. 

"With that said, if the employee does not have a broadband internet connection at their residence and requires one to facilitate remote work under home working arrangements, the broadband fee becomes an extra household expenditure that the employer can incorporate into tax-free homeworking payments.

"In such instances, the broadband service would be designated for business purposes, with any minimal private usage deemed insignificant."

Can you claim expenses if you’re self-employed and working from home? 

"The regulations are more lenient for self-employed individuals, allowing broadband expenses to be claimed proportionately, "according to the experts.

The broadband experts also explained that if there is a blend of business and private use of broadband, only the business-related portion is eligible for tax deduction.

The team continued: "To submit a claim, it is necessary to calculate the ratio of time spent utilising broadband for business versus private purposes and then apply the corresponding business percentage to the total costs".

Oxford Mail: Here's whether you can claim compensation if your WiFi goes down whilst working at home. ( Getty Images)Here's whether you can claim compensation if your WiFi goes down whilst working at home. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

If my wifi goes down and I need it for working from home, can I claim compensation? 

In short, you can.

Independent Advisor Broadband continued: "In 2021, Ofcom introduced the Automatic Compensation Scheme, ensuring that broadband and landline customers receive automatic refunds from their service providers in cases where their circumstances align with the scheme's criteria due to service interruptions, with the majority of major providers joining the scheme. 

"When resolving faults, broadband and phone providers must aim to restore any disrupted broadband or landline services within two working days.

"If they are unable to meet this timeframe, you have the right to claim £8 for each calendar day during which the service remains unrepaired, encompassing weekends and public holidays.

"Compensation will typically be issued as a bill credit unless you explicitly agree upon an alternative arrangement with your provider.

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Gemma Ryles, Home Technology expert from Independent Advisor Broadband discusses the importance of a good broadband package if you’re working from home: “When searching for a broadband package that aligns with your work-from-home requirements, it’s important to take several factors into consideration.

“First and foremost, assess your usage needs by estimating the amount of data and speed required for seamless work operations. Look for providers that offer scalable plans to accommodate potential growth.

"Prioritise reliability and stability, as a consistent connection is paramount for remote work. Compare service providers in your area, considering customer reviews and feedback to gauge their performance and customer service. 

“Be sure to investigate contract terms, fees, and hidden costs to make an informed decision on the overall cost of the broadband package.

"Bundled deals that include additional services such as phone or TV may also be worth exploring for potential cost savings.

"Lastly, stay updated on promotional offers and discounts to secure the best value for your home office broadband, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.”